Mid Life Career Services

From Yvonne Owen-Newns, Founder

Personal careers advice to help you review and manage your own career development.

Why Mid Life Career Services?

Just over one year ago, I was made redundant. I’ve been made redundant before, so I knew what to expect, so I thought. I am well experienced. I am well qualified. I feel fairly well up to date with the digital world. I am adaptable. I have an excellent work ethic. I’ve never had any problem in finding work even through some tough economic times.

This time though, I suddenly found that interviews had changed. I was successful in securing interviews. I know how to write a top-class application form! I began to lose confidence in my abilities. I became over anxious in interviews, which probably shone through. I no longer knew who I was, what I could do or how to cope with the situation.

I had plenty of support around me from family and friends. They couldn’t believe my devastating lack of disbelief in myself. They continued to have complete faith in me, even if I didn’t at that point. As time went on, I asked for support from the Job Centre, Careers Wales and other organisations. There were well meaning and helpful individuals who could see where I was coming from. However, their services couldn’t help me. They are, quite rightly too, focused on helping others who probably aren’t as well qualified or experienced as myself. I totally understand and support that.

This left me though, with little help to get me over this period of self-doubt and aimless wandering to put me back on track and quickly. I really needed to talk to someone …..someone like me! The idea then grew. I was already a qualified careers adviser with years of experience behind me. I had to leave that job, which I loved, when I had a baby and I started a new life with my husband and family in a different part of the country. I had grounded experience in finance, project management and public engagement, alongside my academic qualifications.

I always knew that I would be in an exceptional position to set up my own business at some point in time. That point in time had arrived.I knew I would be able to help others who needed a bit of help that focused entirely on them. Not biased in anyway and not feeling you’re a burden to family and friends.

July 2020

So here I am. With a new identity and role in life. I can help you if you are in a similar position or where:

  • You want to change your career to find something that is more YOU, inline with your values and who you are. BE MORE ME.TM
  • You are facing possible redundancy in these precarious times and want to make sure you are best prepared for the worse.
  • You’re dissatisfied with your job and really not sure what you want to do next.
  • You’re lacking confidence in applying for jobs in today’s fast changing job market.

Personal careers advice is good for you

It’s reported that providing careers guidance is worth the investment in enabling people to move forward with their career development.

Undertake a review of your career with someone who is impartial and independent and totally focused on achieving the positive outcomes you want. Research has showed that having a mid career review helped people to:

  • explore future options,
  • increase productivity and motivation,
  • and improve health and well being.

Many people end up in the job they are doing because:

  • they fell into after school/college
  • did what was expected of them by family or teachers
  • there wasn’t anything else to do.
Where are you planning your next destination? Photo by Rafael Pires on Pexels.com

Life changes though and we change. We begin to realise and understand ourselves better. We can start to feel drained and fed up with the treadmill. Other times, we can feel taken for granted and just not getting anywhere. We can start looking for opportunities rather than waiting for luck to land in our laps. A mix of feelings of freedom and being totally scared comes along with major transitions that many experience such as, children – coming along then leaving home, caring for ageing parents, redundancy, divorce and then a pandemic comes along just to shake things up.

No one career destination

With no one career destination anymore it is worth investing in taking time out to review and re-set where you want to head for. Keep your options open but be ready to make the move when the time is right for you. You may feel your in the right job now but want to remain fulfilled in the years to come. Nothing stays the same. You have the opportunity to steer your career rather than drift along. Take the opportunity to manage your own career development.

Personalised information and action planning. Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

Achieve greater adaptability, gain the freedom of choice of what work you want to do and remain … or even improve …. your fulfilment, motivation and productivity for longer.

Personal Careers Advice Programmes

Our personal careers advice programmes are delivered face to face via online video link with a qualified and experienced career adviser.

You can choose to have individual 1:1 coaching sessions or a more affordable option is to link up with upcoming group coaching sessions. You have the added advantage of gaining the support of your peers.

There are tools to help you work through your thoughts, feelings and objectively assess the options open to you. It will require input from yourself and action to take. A clear action plan and further coaching support will help you to manage your career and be prepared for the future where your working life doesn’t feel like work.

Thank you for your help and support with getting my job hunting ducks in a row. You gave me just the right amount of gentle criticism and praise. It’s hard being older and looking for work when you’ve been doing a job you love for so long. Yvonne made this a positive process, reminding me of my strengths when all I was seeing was my failings. She is an #AmazingMentor

Heather, Public Sector Policy Officer. Received help with a CV Review and application.

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