Yvonne Owen-Newns, RCDP
BSc (Hons), Dip CG
Founder and Coach of
Mid Life Career Services

My Story

Personal circumstances and changing job opportunities throughout my working life has meant that I had to make some tough choices.  I have faced redundancy on more than one occasion, moved to new locations and had children.

During those points when change has been forced on me, I’ve experienced feelings of anxiety and freedom all at the same time. I’ve had loads of ideas, gathered information and confused myself with so many ways I could turn. How often have I really needed to talk to someone who could help sort it all out? I would have saved so much time and heartache.

I’ve had careers across the private, public and third sectors.  This has given me sound experience and knowledge in areas of finance, business planning, engagement and personal careers guidance.

More by luck initially, I made efforts to stay one step ahead and plan for the next phase.  I was keen on learning and continued to study outside work and take up any training opportunities.

I have been aware over my working life of the need to be flexible, adapting to my own and external changing circumstances.  I’ve made sure that my approach to long life learning and building on my experiences has meant that I am skilled enough to have the freedom of choosing my own career direction.

As a result, I’ve been able to find work that has made use of my strengths and provided me with a career which has given me the greatest fulfilment and satisfaction.

Now I’m in a fantastic position to help guide others through their working life and plan your career.  Work with me today so that you are empowered to choose the jobs which will keep you motivated and confident. Find the jobs that will provide you with the income levels you need and able to succeed in.

Plan for your career pathway so that you are prepared and ready to react. I will help you find your working life that doesn’t feel like work.

Builth Wells,, Powys LD2 3PA
United Kingdom
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