Discovery Introductory Call

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This is an opportunity to spend 20 minutes to find out if our personal careers advise programmes can help you to manage your own career development.

Your current situation

You have probably studied hard, gained qualifications and experience but what’s next? More promotions, doing more of the same or a change of direction? Maybe you can’t see yourself doing the same job in 10/15/20 years time, who knows.

You may find yourself in a different situation such as being made redundant, changes in family circumstances or recognising that you need to make some changes in your life as a whole. The current Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has turned our working lives upside down and give us a chance to reflect and recognise the changes in the world around us.

You have looked for help from the obvious places: your employer, the job centre and careers. You have been told that you have a good range of work experience, qualifications and skills. You should be able to find a job yourself. BUT – it’s hard work to keep motivated. Stay focused and apply for the jobs with your name on it. You start applying anything and everything. You keep having job notifications from job boards that just do not reflect you. What do you do?

Maybe it’s time to invest in taking an approach that will work for you. This is where Yvonne, at Mid Life Career Services can help you. Read on to find out more …..

What you can expect

During this discovery introductory call we will be able to discuss your current situation and what you are thinking about as a way forward. You may have no idea, too many, or somewhere in between! It doesn’t matter. You may be feeling anxious, confused at the same time as feeling excited about opportunities and possibilities.

We will discuss what your commitments are to participate in the programme so that it can be of real help to you. You will also be clear about our role and what we can and cannot do.

If, after the call you need some time to think about your options, you can confirm with us what you want to do. There is no obligation to carry on with any of the programmes.

What will be covered in the programmes

The programmes and the resources are designed to help you manage your own career development. The personal careers advise is a research based, person-centred model which covers three steps:

  • Review: explore your current situation:- you, your career and your aspirations.
    • Revisit your achievements, acknowledge those harboured regrets. During this stage I help you to explore your values, interests and personality. Next we can look at your assets, achievements and abilities. Delve into what you enjoy doing and what your good at. What makes you tick, will motivate you and keep you sustained.
  • Decide: discover opportunities, widen your horizons, weigh-up options, make decisions.
    • At this point we look outwards at the job market, skills demands, future changes in work and the career possibilities that you could explore for the near or distant future. Here, we can cover job search skills, including job applications, CVs, job interviews, and building you own personal brand online.
  • Action: walk away with a completed individual careers guidance action plan.
    • This will record a summary of our discussions and set out key actions that will help you to manage your career development. An accountability call is included and we can agree the time frame for this. You’re not left alone.

If you want to just drop a message please use the contact form and we’ll get back to you. You can also directly book a free call for a time that is convenient for you using the button below.

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