Personal Careers Advice: Comprehensive Programme

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3 steps to manage your own career development.

We use a researched based, person-centred model to help you move through from your current position to plan the next phase of your career and beyond. This model covers three main stages:

  • Review: explore your current situation:- you, your career and your aspirations.
    • Revisit your achievements, acknowledge those harboured regrets. During this stage I help you to explore your values, interests and personality. Next we can look at your assets, achievements and abilities. Delve into what you enjoy doing and what your good at. We will discover what makes you tick, will motivate you and keep you sustained.
  • Decide: discover opportunities, widen your horizons, weigh-up options, make decisions.
    • At this point we look outwards at the job market, skills demands, future changes in work and the career possibilities that you could explore for the near or distant future. Here, we can cover job search skills, including job applications, CVs, job interviews, and building you own personal brand online.
  • Action: walk away with a completed individual careers guidance action plan.
    • This will record a summary of our discussions and set out key actions that will help you to manage your career development. An accountability call is included and we can agree the time frame for this. You’re not left on your own.


  • FREE 20 minutes, no obligation, discovery introductory call.
  • 4 sessions of 1:1 personal coaching, up to 60 minutes each, delivered via online video link.
  • Access to online resources and tools.
  • My time researching your options tailored to meet your needs.
  • An individual careers management action plan personally tailored to guide you towards achieving your goals.
  • 1 follow up 1:1 coaching session of up to 30 minutes.

You will walk away with feeling clearer about what you want and how you’ll go about it, in a positive way. The process requires some effort from you to get the most out it it. You will need to do some preparation before the sessions. Your future success does rely upon you carrying out actions to make the difference. You’re not completely alone and the support is here.

Life is a journey and you hold the map

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